What can I expect? +

  • Someone will give a welcome and go over a few events coming up
  • The band will play a few songs
  • We will pray together
  • One of our pastors will give a thought provoking message from the Bible
  • We will receive an offering
  • The service will last about 75 minutes

What should I wear? +

Anything you want! most people dress casual, but if you really want to wear a three piece suit you can do that too.

Where do my kids go? +

The kids will be dismissed right before the sermon to go to their classes. All of our kid's leaders have completed a background check and are trained in child safety. After the service, your child will come up to the foyer to be picked up

How can I contact the church? +

You can fill out a contact form here or give us a call at 509-684-2480 (M, W, F 9am-2pm)



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