We are so glad you’ve stopped by for a visit. As you surf around our site, we hope you sense that the Colville Free Methodist Church is a place where you can be real. Transparency is crucial for building healthy relationships. At CFMC you can come as you are and meet people who will be themselves.

This is also a place to be healed. People that attend our church know just how tough it is in the real world. The touch of kindness that comes from God through His people at the Colville Free Methodist Church is authentic and warm like a family should be.

You’ll also notice CFMC is a place to have fun. Boredom is not an attribute of God! He is creative, active and full of laughter.  Our church is intentional about people becoming passionate followers of Jesus and have a good time doing it!

Our church is also a place to develop. Since anything that is not growing is dying, we make it a priority to give ample opportunity for individuals to pursue new skills of leadership and ministry.

Finally, CFMC is a place to worship. We aspire to the axiom that nothing in the kingdom advances without worship. We march forward on our knees! It is our desire to join all creation in the adoration of our God. When we worship with all of our heart, we create an environment of invitation to the One we worship. This is a great place to be loved, a great place to belong, a great place to grow and serve the King of kings and Lord of Lords!