As mentioned in the previous Blog, a project directed by God was born in Usme. It started in April with 25 children, now we have approximately 80 children circulating on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the activities we offer. The best of all is that they are not just children, we have also reached the lives of some of their parents and siblings. Read until the end of the Blog to know a little more about this beautiful project!




When we started in this place, we found families completely submerged in the ignorance of the word of God, so much they did not know how to search in the Bible for any verse. It was the same with children, which is why for us it is a joy to see how the Lord is acting in their lives. Now children want to be granted with the privilege of praying for the food or serve by supporting the little ones and they show so much joy and gratefulness during Worship times.




FINDESIN has the goal of reaching 150 children in the second half of 2019, so we implemented the strategy of school reinforcement on Thursday and Friday, which allowed us to reach the lives of more children that needed support in their homework. Our initial idea was to reach the life of each member of the family extending the invitation to participate with us on Saturdays in the PCG (Pastoral Care Groups). However, to our biggest surprise, we have discovered that our children are the biggest evangelistic support because their parents tell us that in home, they cannot start eating without praying, with their behavior they show to their families that God has transformed their lives. In addition to this, it is the children who insist on their relatives to come on Saturdays. For us it has been a blessing to reach this locality, we want to keep spreading the gospel and transforming lives of more children, who we have realized are the apostles, pastors, teachers, prophets and evangelists of the present, since from this young age they are agents of change in this social context. Thank you for spending your time and knowing a little of what is happening in Colombia. God bless you.

 -Mayra Lozano (FINDESIN psychologist), Sara Moreno.

Sara Moreno